Our teaching program

Shibari Syllabus

No single student progresses at the same pace as another. All students will need to practice their skills beyond our workshops in order to progress as a shibari practitioner. Many students choose (or need to) to undertake classes multiple times at the same level to become proficient enough to move into a higher level of workshops.

Students are highly encouraged to participate in our Rope Jams, as a way to practice, share skills, and establish themselves as a member of our local rope community.

Level 1 – Fundamentals

1. First Steps

Single column and double column ties.

2. The Art of Self-Tying

Futomomos, frictions, ties and harnesses.

3. Tying for Connection

Creating flow and building the relationship between rigger and bunny.

Level 2 - Intermediate

Traversing the Takate Kote

These classes include all the fundamental building blocks that are used in shibari- X and L frictions, 2 1/2 moons, nodemes, and hojo cuffs.

Part 1

Learn the first two ropes and related ideas

Part 2

Adding a third rope and exploring the possibilities further

Level 3 - Intermediate Plus

Playing with Positions

Intermediate Plus content varies across classes, but may include instruction on a range of: 

  • harnesses
  • TK variations
  • hogties
  • agura
  • strappado
  • teppo and hishi patterns